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Our Payroll And labour Law Assignments
Human Resources Management requires detailed and thorough organisation in order to apprehend and apply the frequent changes in Labour Law and the movement of personnel.

Our firm assists you in ensuring your compliance with labour law and national insurance regulations and provides advice to determine and implement the optimal solution relevant to your company.

Our firm can be called upon to assist in the following specific domains :

Labour Law :

  • Advice and consultancy on specific labour law related issues
  • Drafting of employment contracts in compliance with current labour legislation
  • Assistance with the implementation of redundancy procedures
  • Assistance with elections of personnel representatives and of members of Workers′ Council

National insurance regulations :

  • Preparation of payslips and periodic payroll tax returns
  • Assistance with payroll tax audits
  • Consulting with respect to the company′s remuneration policy

Recruitment and Training:

  • Assistance with recruitments
  • Training sessions as required on related topics of your choice

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