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Tax And Legal Services
Constant changes in the economic environment make that tax legislation has become a key factor for management. The language has to be mastered but is a source of opportunity for businesses.

Our business is to accompany you in your decisionmaking by interpreting simply this language, by measuring its impact and by putting forward proposals adapted to your circumstances.

We select a suitable team to manage the implementation of the proposals and to formalise the implementation thus giving it legal status.

In order to achieve this our firm may be contacted for advice, for further investigation or simply for additional information in any of the following areas:

Company Law :

Assistance with the choice of legal structure

Analysis and implementation of all steps relating to :

  • the creation of the company
  • the constitution or increase of issued share capital
  • the sale of the shares
  • the merger, the splitting up and the transformation of companies
  • changes to the company’s Articles of Association
  • the winding up or liquidation of a company

Company legal secretarial tasks :

  • notification of Board Meetings and Shareholder General Assemblies
  • preparation of minutes of these meetings and their distribution
  • updating the official registers
  • performance of any formailities with regard to the above

Tax law :

  • preparation and checking of tax returns
  • analysis of the impact of and advice on the possible tax choices
  • assistance with tax audits

Commercial law :

  • drafting of contracts, leases and agreements

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